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PhoneThrone Support and User Guide

  • How can I get help with my PhoneThrone?
    Basic troubleshooting steps are available in the User Manual. For any other issues, email or use the Contact Us form on the right with a description of your problem and please attach any photos of the problem. Our support staff will provide a replacement or help to address your issue depending upon the problem.
  • What is the VoteMatrix Project?
    The VoteMatrix project will provide trustworthy and accurate information on politics. The VoteMatrix project is a new social platform that will allow everyone to track what politicians do and then provide analysis to voters to help them choose who and what to vote for based on their personal principles. For more information follow us at
  • Warranty Information?
    Our products come with a 1 year warranty from your purchase date. VoteMatrix may provide extended support beyond the 1 year period in some cases. Our warranty service will provide repair, replacement, or a refund at our discretion. Email or use the contact form on this page to start a warranty claim.
  • Warnings: Neodymium Magnet Ingestion Hazard
    Contains 4 small Neodymium magnets: Do not allow children to place this stand in their mouth. Small magnets can pose a serious swallowing and choking hazard. If multiple magnets are swallowed, they can attach to each other through intestinal walls causing serious injuries and even death. The magnets are glued to prevent this, but could dislodge over time.
  • Touchscreen triggered by PhoneThrone?
    When using the PhoneThrone with a thin case or without a case (especially in the vertical position), the screen may sense the arms as a finger-press. To prevent this, we recommend any of the following options: APPLE (iOS) Enable the Guided Access Feature to disable an area on the touchscreen and to keep one app open. This is great for kids. Refer to Start a Guided Access session - Step 3 to disable the touch area ANDROID Android users may place a pop-up bubble over the affected area. The detected long press will trigger that the bubble may be moved or "moved to trash" but will not effect the underlying app. The bubble view is available from pop-up mode using the minimize button from most apps. Android users may place the app in one-handed, split-screen, or pop-up modes Android users may install and use an app called Touch Lock. Great for kids. Move the PhoneThrone to a side mount position without buttons (if possible) If an app does not support multi-touch, you can press appropriate buttons prior to placing the phone in the stand This is best for timed photographs or videotaping A small piece of corrugated cardboard may be used between the arm and the touchscreen. The open-air in the cardboard should prevent the sensor from recognizing the arm.



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