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Smartphone Stand Comparison

Case Stand.jpg
Case Kickstand
Ring Stand
Fixed Keychain
Credit Card
Fully Adjustable - 90°
Shareable - EZ Transfer
Side Mount
Tripod Adapter
Holds 2 Phones
Won't Snag Pockets
Unique - New Design
QI Charger Compat.
Handhold Grip
Custom Logos
Holds Other Items
PhoneThrone Closed.jpg
Ring Stand.jpg
Fixed Keychain.jpg
Credit Card Stand.png

Feature Review - PhoneThrone vs PopSockets   vs Ring Stands vs Others


The chart above compares each type of phone stand.  Their features are broken down here to help identify the best stand for you.

Adjustable - Vertical Mount

Adjustable - View your phone from different angles to avoid glare and support differing surfaces and airplane tray-table positions.

Vertical (90°) - Includes mounting your phone at a 90 degree angle for photography and videography.

Winner: PhoneThrone


The PhoneThrone is the most adjustable phone stand available.  It is extremely versatile with mounting angles near-flat to perfectly vertical (90 degrees).  It can be mounted from the bottom or side of the phone.


Runner Ups: Credit Card, Fixed Keychain, Case Kickstand

Some of these stands provide multiple slots or a rotating position feature.  These provide better options than the glued on stands but do not usually support 90 degree or low angles.  Some case kickstands will support multiple angles, but most fall into the Losers category on adjustability.

Losers: PopSockets, Ring Stands

These stands are fixed in one position using adhesives and can only hold the phone up at a few slightly adjustable angles depending upon the mounting position.


Note: These stands work best and are compared with the phone positioned in a Horizontal (Landscape) orientation.​

Shareable - Transferrable - Dual Phone

Shareable - Transferrable - The capacity to transfer the stand from one phone to another and to share with friends. 

Dual Phone - This feature allows 2 phones to be held back-to-back in the same stand.

Winner: PhoneThrone


The PhoneThrone is the only stand that supports the Dual Phone feature.  It is also easily shareable and transferable.  Shareability is even faster with the use of a keychain carabiner clasp, or quick-release.


Runner Ups: Credit Card, Fixed Keychain

As with the PhoneThrone, these stands do not require adhesives and can be easily shared.  Without being fully adjustable, these stands may or may not hold a friends phone if they have an extra thick case.

Losers: PopSockets, Ring Stand, Case Kickstand

PopSockets can only be shared with friends that have the PopSockets base-plate attached using adhesives or a special case.  Ring stands attached to a case and case kickstands may also be shared with friends with the exact same phone by replacing their case with yours.  This may work in a pinch, but is definitely the worst way to share a stand.

Side Mount - Tripod Adapter - Vehicle - QI

The Side Mount feature allows you to place the stand on the side of the phone. This is great for odd surfaces or for vertical orientation.

The Tripod Adapter feature allows you to use a tripod to film or display your phone using mounting threads in the cellphone stand.

The Car Adapter feature allows you to place your phone in an add-on attachment or separately purchased car mount.

QI support will allow you to use your phone's wireless charging pad capabilities without interference. QI mounts/stands have a USB cable and transfer power using magnetic force through the back of your QI enabled phone.  Vehicle mounts may also be QI enabled.

Winner: PhoneThrone


If you need precise videography, photography, or even teleprompter capabilities, the PhoneThrone wins this category hands down with its Tripod Adapter feature.  Attaching the PhoneThrone to the tripod is straightforward even if awkward looking.  Securing the phone to the tripod using the included lanyard ribbon is a good idea since the phone can slip from the stand.  This won't replace a single-purpose Tripod Adapter, but works in most situations.  It also side-mounts but does not have a car adapter.  Fortunately, it works with all separately purchased vehicle mounts since the phone thickness remains the same.  This also means that the PhoneThrone does not interfere with any QI charger.


Runner Up: PopSockets

PopSockets makes a vent car mount adapter that can be purchased separately as well as a clip that can be glued to others surfaces, but these do not support QI charging.  PopSockets understands this limitation and now makes a uniquely designed countertop QI charger to allow you to charge your phone wirelessly with the PopSockets attached.  Unfortunately, side mount and tripod capabilites are not included and most standard vehicle QI chargers will not work well.

Losers: Credit Card, Ring Stand, Fixed Keychain, Case Stand

Credit Card stands and Ring Stands do not offer side or tripod mounts and only a few ring stands can be used with a car mount, but these also interfere with the QI charging feature.  Fixed Keychains offer side-mount.  Fixed and Case Stands will not interfere with QI charging.

Style - Uniqueness - Customization - Grip

Style is qualitative and depends upon your personal aesthetics.  This is not included in the ratings below.

Uniqueness is the ability to awe others with the stand, this means it must catch the eye and be rare.

Customization provides multiple options to reflect your own style.

Grip provides additional support between your fingers to help you hold your phone.

Winner: PopSockets


PopSockets wins Customization with the most designs of any phone stand and you can even create your own.  PopSockets are also designed to help grip your phone.  The material looks like plastic, but the printed styles make up for it.  These are very popular and not unique.  The style you choose is also visible more often because this is visible when holding your phone.


Runner Up: PhoneThrone

Although the PhoneThrone only comes in one style, it is beautifully CNC milled aluminum with a laser etched anodized finish and is by far the newest, most limited, and unique stand you can buy.  The PhoneThrone adds no grip to your phone.  Since the PhoneThrone doesn't adhere to your phone, you can choose a uniquely designed phone case without anything blocking the pattern.

Losers: Credit Card, Ring Stand, Fixed Keychain, Case Kickstand

The Ring and Case stands provide extra grip, but are very common and typically have limited customization.  Some Fixed Keychains have a unique style, but aren't eye catching.  Credit card stands are unique in design but look cheap.

Snags Pockets - Holds Other Items - Creativity

Won't Snag Pockets - When placing the stand (or phone with stand) in your pocket, it may catch on the outside pocket edge which can cause you to drop your phone/keys or forces you to reinsert the phone/keys and adjust your pants.

Holds Other Items - Most stands are solely designed for phones.  This feature allows various objects to be secured within the stand.

Creativity - Your mind is the limit for this feature.  Fidget gadget, musical instrument, miniature table, etc.  Express yourself.

Winner: PhoneThrone


PhoneThrone blows the competition away in this category.  Creative potential is limitless with this device.  Use the tripod mounting threads to create your own custom mount, setup one or both arms to hold and display many items, fidget open/closed for fun, wedge the stand into the headrest in front of you to hold your phone at eye level, or use as a duck/animal puppet to entertain children.  The PhoneThrone also holds many items up to 25mm thick.


Runner Up: PopSockets, Credit Card Stands

PopSockets offer clip add-ons that increase the mounting options.  Although PopSockets will snag your pockets, they collapse to avoid most problems with this.  They can creatively be used to store your headphone cables.  You can also play with your PopSockets as makeshift Pogs (Milk Caps game) or they can be used as percussion instruments.  Credit card stands may serve as a multi-tool if made of metal and some use your real credit cards to help support your phone.  Some credit card stands may be fun to build/disassemble.

Losers: Ring Stand, Fixed Keychain, Case Kickstand

The Ring Stand has the capacity for holding headphone cables and some can be used as a bottle opener but they will easily snag your pockets.  Fixed Keychains snag pockets easily and have limited creative uses.  Case Kickstands don't hold other items and lack creativity but don't usually snag your pockets.  

PopSockets® is a trademark of PopSockets, LLC. and is not associated with PhoneThrone by VoteMatrix

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