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Christmas Presents

A Gift they will Appreciate!

PhoneThrone Closed.jpg

Anyone who uses a smartphone or who has friends or family with a smartphone will love the PhoneThrone!


MSRP of $100 - perfectly priced to show appreciation to your most valuable friends, family, or employees!

Bulk orders get a discount based on quantity or special cause.

Corporate Gift
Go Team

Wedding Party Favor

Wedding Tent

Event Raffle / Door Prize

Outdoor Family Day
Bulk Order Request
Additional Services (optional)

If you requested additional services, please order at least 30 days prior to the delivery date to coordinate the details.

Success! Check your email for updates.

One unique way to display this gift is to use it as a name card holder at a dinner party or wedding reception.  Perfectly suited for a wedding party table to surprise the bridesmaids and groomsmen with a gift.


Tie the included tripod lanyard ribbon into a bow around the PhoneThrone and place the name card in it with the PhoneThrone manual behind it. 


Remind your guests to keep the ribbon for their tripods.

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